Tuesday, 17 March 2009


This is a post I couldn't even have dreamed of writing a year ago, but I am very very excited to be able to say that I have been given the offer of 2 university places for the midwifery course, at Middlesex and Bedfordshire.
I know of those two which I would prefer, but am waiting to hear about the 3rd one I went for an interview with before I make an announcement.

but I am now talking about when I go to university, not if. very exciting stuff!


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

For a Lovely Cat and his lovely owners

This blog entry is dedicated to Clemens - probably the worlds daftest cat.

many many years ago, in the days when I had just one child, I had 3 cats Dreyfus was our first - got her as a kitten. Sadly she passed away 2 years ago aged 13. Bobby was another one, and although getting very old (rescue cat no idea on age but at least 14) and has a memory issue he is still with us.

the other cat was Clemens an amazing ball of crazy fluff, he had huge feet and always looked like he was wearing big fluffy slippers, he was very vocal and mewed a lot (mostly to demand food) he was a big boy - but always looked worried, and he sprayed a lot around the house (another rescue cat spayed as an adult). That became a problem in 2000 when I fell pregnant, Clemens had a habit of spraying anything new in the house - not ideal with a new baby!

And then a lovely couple we know, Ian and Bekie, saved the day by offering him a new home with them. they have no other cats and no children - Clemens was in his element. they lived in a flat so he was allowed to be lazy and use a litter tray (unheard of in my house!) and he settled in a thrived.

Recently the lovely three moved into a house with a big garden, ideal for Clemens' twilight years. Sadly Clemens had a stroke but seemed to recover ok.

I didnt see him again after he left us, I was too upset to. I couldnt bear the thought of seeing him somewhere else. But now I really regret that. Because last night the lovely ball of fluff passed away in his sleep. I know no more than that as I havent spoken to B & I yet.

But the Burfot house is thinking of you both, and feeling the sadness of Clemens' passing. We will always remember him chasing Dreyfus up the stairs thinking it was his 'girlfriend cat' (Dreyfus and him did not get on!) and getting a bop on his nose for his efforts and the time he attacked the left overs of a kebab in a carrier bag, got the bag hooked round his neck and ran out the cat flap, up the fence and onto the garage roof - leaving a trail of kebab bits behind him, and facilitating Mr.B to have to climb onto the garage roof to remove what was left of the bag from around his neck!