Sunday, 23 March 2008

more of those conversations with small people

making lunch for the 2 smallest children.

smallest child: I want ham in my ham sandwhich, I don't like cheese.

me: well it wouldn't be a ham sandwhich if it had cheese in it now would it?!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Honestly Mr.B

the best beloved has sent me a link to a marvelous item.

Which, given half the chance, he couldn't possibly live without.

But my question to you, Mr.B, is what happened to your old camping chair? Oh yes I remember now - it was left outside at scout camp, over night, in high winds.

And in those high winds, the poor thing was blown into the embers of the campfire, and as a result was so badly disfigured we had to put it out of its misery!

four seasons in a day?

was that a clap of thunder? If it was then, yes, here in Snorbans we have had the lot!

sun, rain, snow, hail and something slushy that whipped around right in the middle of the lovely easter egg hunt at the Wick!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Be Brave!

Are you a playground Mum?

take heed then kind soul!

If a child in your off-springs class is making you uncomfortable with their behaviour or moods. Don't just dismiss it by telling your off-spring to stay away from the child.

If your off-spring is telling you a child in their class seems to over-react in some situations, or cries a lot for no reason. please discourage your child from calling this little soul a 'cry baby'.

Could it be possible this child has problems, maybe be on the Autistic spectrum?

Be brave - talk to the parents, I bet the parent will be more than happy to explain things to you - I know I would be!

please dont make these special children outcasts they (and their families) have enough to deal with, without the pain of rejection as well.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Now where did I put that list?

time for another rivetting review readers!

not doing too bad, really, considering I am an idle so and so!

  • take down the last of the Birthday stuff, cards, banners, balloons etc (completed, well one would hope so after all the last Birthday was the 18th Feb!)
  • the mountain pile of ironing (ahem paid the 16 year old to do it!)
  • plumb in the sink into the downstairs loo (more on that later!) (completed by Mr.B but its leaking)
  • sort out coats in coats cupboard - there is a lot and I am sure there are some in there that the girls don't wear (surprisingly only 3 outgrown coats were found)
  • plant the seeds in the trays for this seasons veggies (yes did that, and then the blooming wind on Friday night lifted up my mini greenhouse, turned it on its side which spilled the seed trays out all over the ground. terribly sad)
  • find my wedding ring - yeah more about that later as well, sorry Mr.B it is in the house!(Yeah found! underneath the chest of drawers in the bedroom)
  • put bits in the loft that need to go in the loft!(house tidy, loft full to bust!)
  • sort out, launder, iron and price up things for the NCT sale next month. (well sorted and laundered anyways!)


Whilst helping to tidy the littlies bedroom yesterday, I opened the wardrobe to put some games away and was faced with 3 balloons from various birhdays.
Upon asking why they were there Mr.B told me, and middle child confirmed, that they were hidden there from me so that I dont pop them!

Do I have a mean reputation then, as a random wicked balloon popper?!??!?!!