Thursday, 14 April 2011

And as the final curtain falls..........

I think it is time to bring this blog to a cose. It was about my life as Mr.B's sidekick, Mrs.B. that is no longer the story.

If you still find yourself compelled to follow the roadcrash that is the story of my life you can read more here be nice to see you!

Saturday, 29 January 2011


running on empt; physically and metaphorically speaking!

physicaly I am exhausted; this course, my family situation, winter, birthdays are all wearing me down.
my mind is empty of any thoughts other than - whats the next thing to be completed for this course and whencan I next get some sleep.

not an inspiring blog entry but thats me folks!

Sunday, 16 January 2011


Sometimes it strikes me how lonely I am

I could be in the house with the family

I can be in supermarket in the middle of the day

I can be on campus surrounded by chattering students

But I am alone, so lonely

I always have been

I mourn for what I have lost

When I should be celebrating what I have

Friday, 14 January 2011

Jumping on the band-wagon?

If the writers at the BBC would have their way this is how all baby loss women would end up. Insane. Baby snatchers. Locked up.
And as for what they would have you believe midwives act, well don't get me started! mistakes about paperwork (the amazing disappearing talipes!), loss of 20% from birthweight not explored, disregarding concerns over mums mental health............................

But less of that, and back to my main point;

Am I jumping on the backlash bandwagon?

No I have decided I can not be a sheep and be sucked into the whole 'can't-miss-an-episode-of-my-soap' mentality

Eastenders writers you have let yourself, and your viewers, down badly.

I have watched Eastenders since the very beginning, I have loved the characters (not all, some grated on me!), admired how you have tackled some subjects (the Mark HIV storyline springs to mind).

But this Ronnie / Kat storyline is wrong.

So many inconsistency have been thrown up, I am not even going to start listing them as I am sure you have spotted them or read about them for themselves, but if you are unaware of it all I can recommend a read of this fabulous blog as she is very witty with her observations.

As for me I won't be watching Eastenders until they finish with this god awful handling of a very sensitive subject. I understand that originally the story was going to go on for a year, then with the Ronnie actress leaving they brought that forward to May. Yesterday at uni I overheard two girls saying its being brought to an end now.

I have complainedto the Beeb about their handling of this - and if you feel as strongly as me then please add your comments

If you want to know how this has affected someone personally please visit Jeanettes blog.

Take note BBC, women who losetheir babies are not insane baby stealers -they are human beings with feelings!