Tuesday, 19 January 2010


reflecting on being a 9th of the way through my course! just 8 more semesters to go ~ so not long then?!

I really enjoyed being out with the community midwifes, I felt *at home*. I learnt so much and was able to put a lot of theory into practice. not just what we have learnt in uni, but also the bits and pieces I have picked up over the years with my own, and my friends pregnancies. daft as it sounds, it felt 'real'.

then we had a long break! 2 weeks off for Christmas, which I won't deny was lovely. Back in Uni for a couple of days and then *bang* the flaming snow! and everything since then has been postponed. Tomorrow we have formative presentations, I am presenting with a fellow student, we are covering the third stage of labour. Not so good when my darling middle child has given me a bug from hell!

Saturday is an exam, least said about that I think.

Then its make into Uni for a couple of weeks, mostly learning skills. Then back into placement; one week doing bits I have organised - so far I have secured a couple of days in a specialist mother and baby unit buts that all *whoops*. Then I have 3 weeks on the Ante-Natal ward, and finally 4 weeks on the delivery suite (very very exciting!) then a thankful 2 weeks off for Easter.

Mr.B's Birthday coincides with Easter this year, so to avoid having to buy cakes for his work colleagues he has taken the week off and we have hired a cottage in Herefordshire - very much looking forward to that!