Sunday, 19 December 2010

These boots are made for walking.......................

Last year my faithful walking boots of 8 years sprung a leak, I was devastated it had taken such a long time to break those boots in and they were now like a second skin. We have been through so many exciting adventures together - RIP lovely boots.

This year I have acquired a new pair of boots - from Hotter shoes new range of gore-tex shoes for women.

And they arrived just in time - the day before the massive snowfall hit the UK!

Well, WOW! so comfortable, no breaking in needed from the first time I popped them onto my dainty (hahahhaah!) feet.

They have had a lot of use over the last few weeks from; traipsing in the garden to fill the bird feeders, battling through the slush to buy milk and even to the theatre! (OK so it was 'only' the matinee performance of a pantomime!)

Would I recommend them? yes, yes, yes definitely. I have the blue version and even my 18 year old said they are nice, and look cute with jeans. They are not great big clod hoppers, looking like a foot soldier would wear them, they are definitely more suited to the genteel female!

Thursday, 16 December 2010


So there you go she is a natural! apparently.

Her instructor was an absolute diamond, so patient with middle child. And incredibly encouraging

so what can I say about the Snow Centre? The staff were lovely! from helping us find out where to go to helping us work out what clothing and equipment in what size middle child needed.

once she was ready and packed off with the instructor, her Dad, me and the littliest went upstairs to watch - you can choose to watch from an open balcony (although it can be up to minus 8c) or you can sit in front of a fire, with a glass of something in your hand (or a frothy coffee from the costa) here she is ready, but not looking too happy

but its ok, she has red boots!

possibly her favourite bit was the cable that took her up!

although she was pretty good at coming down!

I guess it will be Ski Lessons now then *sigh*

Friday, 26 November 2010

How do they do it?

Two questions I want to ask about university life;

  1. How is it that, normally lovely and interesting, midwives can turn a two hour lecture into a complete mind numbing experience?
  2. How do full time students do it? lectures day after day after day, week after week after week. Thank heavens my course is 60% practice based!
We are currently finishing the 3rd of 4 weeks in University, something I had been looking forward to to have a rest from 12 hour shifts. But now I cant wait to get back out there!
See you in SCBU in a weeks time!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Vitamins again!

Blinking winter! every year winter comes and smallest child gets ill.
Now I know you cant get a cold from being cold, but why does she always catch a cold when it is cold?
And of course at rising 6 she is at THAT age, she wont eat many veggies and is very limited on her meat intake (anything that is hard to eat such as chops, chicken, bacon etc is rejected) I refuse to cook alternative meals for her, and so she often goes without (mean huh?)

So when I came across these multivitimins for kids I was impressed as they ticked a lot of boxes for me;

  • nut and gluten free (middle daughter has a nut allergy, the jury is still out on what the smallest child seems to react to!)
  • no artificial colourings or flavourings
  • handy one dose packs of fruit flavoured chewy objects! - the kids think they get sweets everyday mouhahahaha
  • contains vitamins A, C, D, E & B12
  • the company behind vitfits have teamed up with kidsaid and donate 10p from every monthly supply pack to them. Every little helps!
But I guess the question is do the kids like them and have they had a significant impact on their health?

The kids love them, they taste nice and the little packs are cute (although these things don't always sit easy with my reducing packaging theory, I let it slip if the kids take their vitamins!).

have they had a significant effect on their health? well that's a harder one to gauge. I think it would be fairer to say that they certainly haven't had a negative impact, but as the kids took vits anyway I haven't seen an improvement, but certainly not a higher incidence of colds and bugs etc. So yes I guess they do their thing!

I am looking forward to getting their new product when it is released, which is an Omega 3 product, as this is also something I give the girls - mainly because of the reputed benefit to children who are on the Autistic Spectrum.

Its also nice that the company have provided a bit of fun for the kids on the website with their fitvits health club.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A Dedication to my Gorgeous Mummy

Happy Birthday
to a wonderful woman
who has given me the determination
to carry on
no matter what crap
is hurled at me
from a great height

Happy Birthday Mum, I love you


Monday, 15 November 2010

MMmmmmmm thought that had ended when............................

I left school!

Eh? Teachers that don't like me!

I have a lecturer, who teaches a subject which challenges me. My thoughts about myself and my attitudes to others. Sometimes (OK frequently) I question whats being said (something the said lecturer claims she encourages). However I always feel as if she thinks very little of my opinion - or puts my opinion down in a way that makes me feel stupid. That makes me feel sad.

So today I have been to the Learning Resource Centre (library to us oldies) and got as many of the recommended books for her module as I can, and this week I will read and read - I will show her I am not stupid!

Friday, 12 November 2010

one for you and one for me

There's a new Blogger in the Blogasphere - give her a go, lovely girl!

And now one for me (and you I guess!) tonight I have shared a lovely Indian take away meal with the teenage daughter and her boyfriend. The restaurant - New Cafe Masala, sadly, doesn't have a website but you can get their details here. The food was lovely, we got a free bottle of, chilled, passable Pinit Grigio and when we had to phone them to point out they had sent a Balti instead of a plain old chicken curry, they sent out the replacement and refunded the difference with a smile and a friendly word!

Give 'em a go, they are also lovely!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Midwifery? or mmmmmm Nursing?!?

Never ever thought I would wonder whether I should be training to be a Nurse!

But after 2 weeks on the Gynae ward, where we have outliers (normally geriatrics) as well as Gynae patients, I found a side to myself I was amazed to find. I actually enjoyed caring for these women..........................................

but no Midwifery is definitely for me, I am sure!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

A Sunday Post of Ramblings

I feel I neglect this blog a lot of the times.
I certainly dont keep you up to date with what is going on in my life, what is being thrown at me and how I am dealing with it.................................................................

So maybe its about time to come clean and tell you the biggest news that has happened to me this year....................................................

Something I have been hiding from you, scared to put the words on the blog cos it makes them real.......................................................

But worse things could happen, I still have my health, my children, my parents, my home, my sanity (only just)...............................................

But what I dont have anymore is my husband............................................

Earlier this year, after 14 years together and less than 3 years of marriage Mr. B told me he no longer loved me, and wasnt happy.

So thats it, 41 with 3 kids and 2 failed marriages, some parts of me have gone so far south you need a passport to visit them. And All Alone.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ski Sunday!

the life and times of Mrs.B

OK well maybe not exactly Ski Sunday stuff. But maybe a bit of eddy the Eagle style fun for my 9 year old.

The 9 year old, you may recall, is Autistic. Part of her diagnosis is symptoms of ADHD, which in short means she has FAR TOO MUCH ENERGY! She is constantly on the going and sitting still is not something she looks upon favourably!

Although not a fantastic sportswoman she loves having a go - street dance, netball, swimming, yoga, trampolining, cycle to name a few. So when I found out about the new Snow Centre near us I thought it would be a great idea for her to try.

She is very excited about giving it a go - after we explained to her that it was actually near Aunty Judes and not somewhere in an aeroplane!

Watch this space for an update - maybe this will be her 'thing' and could lead to the excitment of ski lessons!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Just Brilliant!

That is the best way I can describe my week on Triage.

I love it! So much variety, So much experiences.

So much experience at monitoring pregnant women!

And I even got to deliver a surprise baby on the ward (whoops!)

Shall be sad to leave, tomorrow is my last day - definately a cake day!

Next week theatres..........................................

totally retro, blast from the past!

Don't tell 'em about the honey mummy!

If you are of a certain age like me, you might remember the excitement when your Mum actually bought something more exciting than weetabix on her weekly shop with her shopping trolley!

The honey monster is a key figure in my youthful breakfasting. So when laying eyes on a box of these I thought 'well why not!'

I brought the box arrived on Saturday morning at chez moi. After a breakfast bowlful each saturday and sunday, and also a bowful (without milk) each for movie snack instead of popcorn - and the lot was gone!

Yup a huge hit, and the games on the box have kept the kids amused for sometime.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

It's October 2010

And so one week into year two and...................................

I feel no different, but I have had a brilliant week visiting GOSH, spending a night shift with the paramedics and observing a consultant in his fetal medecine clinic. Yes I am knackered!

Next week is a week on maternity triage, which will be the last maternity related placement I will have in 2010 - after that its general nursing!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Trying it on for size

About this time last year I was very excited about starting Uni.

and tonight I go to bed as a first year midwifery student............................

and wake up tomorrow as a SECOND year midwifery student!!!!!!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010



I came home from work today and I have something that promises to be a lovely bathroom!

All the issues I raised with the chappy yesterday have been adressed!

And I have floor!

And the work downstairs has started, a new loo and sink (the smallest sink in the world!) and the tiles have been removed - could it mean that the end is in sight?!

I do hope so!

Pictures soon I promise

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

So Who's Insurance Should I Claim On?

Yes the bathroom situation has got that bad!

And I am so glad I sorted out my buildings and contents insurance!

What I should be doing, is sitting in a beautiful - very almost - finished bathroom. With candles, bubbles and wine.

But what I have is a disaster! the decorator has made such a bad job I have had to call in the site manager - who was also appalled at the workmanship and finish. Hopefully things in that quarter will be rectified - AND VERY SOON!

But just to put the icing on the cake - tonight I tried to pretend that the deorating wasnt so bad, and ran myself a lovely hot bath - and as I was a bit chilly decided that I would pop the heating on.

Pah what a mistake that was. There I am lying in a lovely bath, washing away the aches and pains of the day, listening to that lovely gentle trickle of water going out of the overflow.

Then suddenly - splosh, splash as water - somewhere - hit the floor - somewhere?!

After a bit of investigating I found the puddle, under the boiler - coming from the pipes *sigh*

So what is it? My home buildings insurance? contents (the flooring is damaged)? I do have cheap home contents insurance, but thats due to no claims in years - would this bump my premiums up?

Friday, 10 September 2010

I don't want to talk about it

Things I wouldn't do if I was decorating a bathroom;

  • I wouldn't paint over unplastered wall
  • I wouldn't paint new copper pipes with emulsion
  • I wouldn't put woodchip up on one wall
  • I wouldn't put woodchip up in little bits, like a patchwork
  • I wouldn't paint the woodchip before the paste was dry
  • I wouldn't put woodchip up at all actually!
  • I wouldn't paint over a lovely freshly plastered wall that had been damaged by the clumsy tiler
  • I wouldn't paint over rawplugs and holes from the old fixtures and fittings, without them being removed and filled
  • I wouldn't put a screw into a new skirting board so tightly it split the wood, made the corner of the skirting seperate and then paint over it
  • I wouldn't paint the ceiling without taking down the old light fitting, knowing the knew one is smaller

That is why I don't want to talk about it, I am not a happy person and when the project manager picks up his phone messages he is really going to know that!


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

blooming laptop!

I have photos for you
Of my bathroom
It's looking good
But my laptop won't let me upload them!

days 2 & 3 were the weekend, so no bathroom progress
I came home from work on day 4 to find that NOTHING had been done!
Day 5 I was promised a plasterer and a carpenter, no sign of a carpenter, but the plasterer had managed to do about half a wall!
Day 6 (today) I came home unsure of what I would find - WOOHOO progress indeed; tiling done, bath panel done, hole at bottom of dirt stack covered over and the floorboard covering put down in readiness for the flooring!

And yes I have had a bath tonight

Saturday, 4 September 2010

And so the bathroom

Inspite of the workmen arriving an hour later than promised, and the office chappy not coming out to take my door key the work is well underway! They have decided to do the downstairs loo next week, so here are a few before shots of the upstairs bathroom.

the new suite was delivered first thing, whilst I was still dropping the kids at school - very amusing to walk round the corner and see my new suite left on the grass verge opposite my house!

The first thing they did was wrap my stairs carpet in bubble wrap! honestly it is - such fun walking up and down stairs now, and no way Mr.B or the teenager can sneak in late at night!
I did go out for the day, as I suspected it would be a very noisey day - and I was right by the looks of it on my return - the suite had been completely changed and all the tiles had been ripped
off the walls, as well as the flooring and woodchip removed!

I have had a bath in there already, and even managed to wash my hair despite there being no shower attachment, good old jug! Monday I shall be going out to work before they arrive, and by the time I get back they will be done, and as they tidy up so well behind themselves it will be like having bathroom fairies in!

Monday, 30 August 2010

strange dreams indeed

I have been having some very strange dreams lately.
Admittedly I am going through some huge upheavals in my life lately.
But all the same they are weird.

A few nights ago I dreamt that I was a lot younger than I am now, and I had just started teacher training, but as a 6th form teacher - the kids were only a couple of years younger than me. Then it starts getting odd, these kids also want to be teachers - but only at Great Ormond Street hospital!
Suddenly we are looking for a ghost, a girl they knew who wanted to teach too, but died and now haunted the corridors of the school *shakes head*
the whole thing went on and on with odd things, that I cant really put a finger on - and we ended up visiting a lady with a baby, which turned into a trip to a farm and the lady had 25 kids!

Then last night I dreamt I was entering a baking contest - but I was told I would lose points if I got ANY crumbs on the cooling rack?!?!!? I have no idea what happened in the dream, although I do know that at one point I was carrying a baby in a hug-a-bub ( lovely purple one) but when I looked down I couldn't find the baby, I put my hands inside to feel it and it had slipped down, so I put it back in the right position, but it slipped down. This kept on happening until eventually the baby wasn't there anymore. However I felt no sadness or remorse or fear. All very odd happening's.

Any dream analysts out there?

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Funeral Planning

I am 41, less than half a year away from being 42. potentially half way through my life, I have done a lot with my life – 3 kids, lots of work experience, twice married and now at uni doing a degree.

There are 3 things in life that are guaranteed; being born, paying taxes anddying!

How many of us give much thought to any of those? We may celebrate the birth of a baby, grumble at the amount of tax we have to pay – but the dying bit, do we think about it? Maybe in so far as writing a will.

Who is going to pay for your funeral? And that’s something that I have been thinking about – maudlin maybe, but ever practical that is me!

So I thought I would look into funeral planning and a prepayment plan. During my research I have found out some fascinating stuff;

  • You can plan what you want, poems, eulogies, music, cars etc
  • You can hire a casket - seriously! you can hire a posh coffin to be viewed in and then swap to the more basic cheaper version for the burial / cremation! and why not, after all we hire wedding frocks
  • You can pay bi - annually, annually, monthly, quarterly - basically however suits you!

So just like you plan the arrival of your baby, your wedding day or a family holiday you canplan your funeral exactly how you want it ensuring your funeral is a unique reflection of your life and your wishes are fulfilled.For someone as anal as me that is a blessing – now pass the cheque book please

Here we go again

Loyal (insane?) readers of this blog may remember a couple of years ago when we had our kitchen done.

Well on Friday its the turn of our upstairs bathroom and downstairs loo. I am facing this with some trepidation!

Kitchens can be avoided (after all thats what restaurants and take aways are for) but bathrooms...........

O well it will be worth it in the end!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

In these shoes? I don't think so!

If you are like me you possibly have little, or no, interest in the lives of the 'Celebs', but when it comes to the choices they make for their children, or allow their children to make for themselves - my mind often boggles!

For those not in the know, the picture above is of 4 year old Suri Cruise (daughter of Kelly Holmes and Tom Cruise) yes 4 years old. Apparently the choice of footwear was hers. I am all for giving children freedom, independence and choice. But surely as parents we should guide our kids?

Interestingly Clarks Shoes have offered to step in and fit Suri with a pair of shoes which would be better for her feet!

Here is their press release of the matter

Clarks offer to step in to save Suri’s feet

As Tom Cruise defends his daughters’ choice of high-heeled shoes in an interview with GMTV this week, leading footwear specialist Clarks, have offered to expertly measure & fit Suri Cruise with shoes.'

With recent trends highlighting the addition of a heel as the new ‘must have’ accessory for girls under the age of ten, Clarks has offered to step in and provide Suri with equally fashionable party shoes that are also well fitted, comfortable and promote healthy growing feet. Their hope is to make parents aware of the potential health issues that high heeled shoes can cause for their child’s developing feet.

With around 70% of foot problems coming from wearing the wrong footwear or ill-fitting shoes, Clarks is concerned over the negative effects this new trend may have. Bob Hardy, Foot Fitting Manager for Clarks International comments:-

“Children’s feet are made up of pliable bone that is not yet fully formed, which unfortunately means that they’re prone to being bent out of shape without parents even noticing.

Unsuitable or badly fitting shoes can prevent natural growth and cause discomfort, leading to health problems in later life that could adversely affect a child’s walking development.

We urge all parents to get their children’s feet expertly measured & fitted for shoes so they can be sure their child’s foot bones are developing in the correct way.”

Clarks also recently offered its support to the Mumsnet ‘Let Girls be Girls’ campaign, which asks retailers to pledge that they will only offer products that don’t play upon, exploit or emphasise children’s sexuality.

On GMTV Tom Cruise replied to the query over Suris footwear by pointing out that in Spain children wear heeled flamenco shoes from a young age. I wore plimsolls from a very young age (you got to love growing up in the 70's) but I know its not good for my feet to be enclosed in them all day!

I wore Clarks shoes as a child, I hated it. They were boring, plain and the same year in year out. But have you seen them lately? Very pretty, and there are some more 'grown up' styles for the older kids. Yes I am concentrating on girls shoes, but then I have only daughters myself and lets face it do boys really care whats on their feet?

OK so you can now order Clarks kids online, although they can only be picked up in store so the fit is checked properly, but if you already have an idea of the child's foot size you can order a couple of pairs in ready to get fitted - thus avoiding said child's disappointment of there being nothing in their size.

You could always use this video on youtube which Clarks have created to check to see how your child's shoes are doing - might even avoid the stressful trip to the shoe fitters!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I Love Melatonin!

At least I love what it does to my 9 year old!

Middle child has a diagnosis of ADHD and Aspergers syndrome (although I am not convinced of that, I do know she has *something* that affects her behaviour). She sees a couple of specialists and has been prescribed a medication called Risperidone. this is to calm her down and to make 'the voices' in her head stop telling her to do bad things (her words!).

At her specialist appointment a couple of weeks ago I spoke about middle child's sleeping problems. She goes to sleep okish, but wakes very early and will often wake up every couple of hours during the night. This in turn leaves her tired and washed out which has a big impact on her behaviours, I asked about the possibility of giving her Melatonin.

So 2 weeks ago we started her on a small dose each evening at dinner time. and tonight even though she was told she could go to bed at 7pm, and have 'quite time' before lights out at 7.30pm she asked to go to bed, with no quiet time at 6.45pm!

She also seems to have a better handle on her temper and reactions to things. The bags under her eyes have diminished and she doesn't look as drawn out.


Doesn't sit easy with me, drugging my child up. But it makes her life an easier place to be. And this can only be a good thing.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


What a year.
A year of mixed emotions
A hard year on a personal, academic and work level.
But a year thats over! I survived, about to do my last few shifts as a first year student!

Its been hard, bloody hard - and if you are thinking of doing it you better have fire in your belly because you wont survive without it!

My fellow Student midwives have felt the same. There have been amazing highs (my first water birth, my first delviery, a mum saying thank you , passing my exams) and some incredible lows (births more like blood baths, women who are scared, women who do not educate themselves, failing assignments) but I live to fight another day

Here's to being a year 2 student midwife!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

less than 60 days to go

and so much to do, reflections, portfolios, practice hours to keep up with, 2000 word assignment, A+P, OSCE's, PBA's and placements in community and the delivery suite - blimey.

and then I have a 6 weeks inter-semester period - so need that!

During my break (1 week personal development, 3 weeks annual leave and then 2 more weeks personal development)hope to not have too much practive time to make up, however - I am going to read (strictly chic lit), knit (I have a throw for my bed to do, and would love to knit for my neplet - did I tell you I was going to be an Auntie soon for the first time?), I will tidy the loft, I will tidy the garage (including selling all my fleeces and snaps), fill up the freezer with good home cooked food for next winter.

AND rest, rest and enjoy the respite before the second year starts!

wow nearly a 3rd of the way there already - scarey stuff indeed.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Loving the Weather

well to look at, I don't actually like being out in it - the humidity makes ME frizzy! some folk get frizzy hair in the humidity but I just become frizzy all over - especially my Brain!

But it has brought me out into the garden, yesterday was a productive day at the garden centre, and then planting out all the lovely veggy plugs we bought
I bought a couple of these fab planters, they are fabric bags - just brilliant this one is the smaller one designed for veggies and herbs.
and this one is deeper, with carrots and onions in it - with a row of Mange Tout against the fence next to it.
and of course no English garden is complete without Strawberries - My middle daughter chose 3 different varieties to put in this lovely new tub

dont think I have ever shared a picture of my mad cat, he is old beyond old - we got him about 13 years ago as a rescue cat, we don't know how old he was then, just that he was an adult cat. So he must be at least 14 years old - but is insane and acts like a kitten!
recently we treated our guinea pigs - Apricot and Brandy - to a new outdoor hutch and run from a really good online pet shop
They have lived indoors since we got them last February but felt they deserved a good romp around in the garden this summer

and finally I have to share these with you, on friday night I went to a Uni friends house to do some studying, only it turned out to be a bit of an impromptu hen night for another student who gets married in a couple of weeks
yes they are indeed jelly willys!
O dear I ahve just realised they are on a Charlie and Lola plate -t hat is so wrong, on many, many levels!

Friday, 21 May 2010


The first day of the rest of my life!
not the life I planned and certainly not the life I want.
But this is it, this is the one I have been given!

and as any of you who have been regular readers of my blogs for the last 3 years or so, will know that I love lists! Here is my 'this-is-what-is-left-of-2010-list'!

  • get a new tattoo (maybe 2 if I am feeling indulgent)
  • have my tongue pierced (yeah I am scared of that!)
  • pass my motorbike test (watch out world!)
  • get a bike to enjoy said licence
  • lose 20 pounds (damn married life!)
  • start an exercise regime.
Of course that is on top of getting on with this course (is it nearly the inter-semester break yet?!) and looking after the kids.

Today I met with a dear friend, Caroline. We had a mooch around the Vintage Emporium, where I treated myself to a pretty scarf, an unusual watch and a hat pin to hold my naughty beret in place (it is naughty because it slides off my head!)

We then had lunch at The Beech Tree, which amusingly used to be a toilet block! I have decided they do the best Chai Latte locally!

Caroline instructed me to make sure the flowers I was buying on the way home were bright, well Caroline I tried I hope these are bright enough - even if the beautiful bunch of lilac and pink flowers called me! And although I wanted to get an unusual vase in the Vintage Emporium, I ended up getting this twisted one from the supermarket!

Now I am getting ready to go to a friends house for a study night with a few of the girls - Anatomy and Physiology you will be mine!

Friday, 16 April 2010

I do miss you all!

And my blogging

but just now I have something going on in my life that is sapping all my energy. anything I blog would be sad, bitter and horrible.

I will be back..................................................... I hope

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Behind my ear!

(yes she does sleep with it over her face!)
Mr.B has often managed to pull 'missing' things out from behind the smallest child's ear, she is utterly convinced by this. The item most often found behind her ear is the precious 'dolly' often lost, and an important bedtime companion.

Tonight I have overheard a conversation between smallest and Mr.B

Mr.B - where is dolly
smallest - behind my ear
Me - snigger
Mr.B - no smallest, where is dolly
smallest - behind my ear
Mr.B - *sigh* where did you last have it?
smallest - be-near my ear!
Me - giggle giggle giggle
Mr.B - O go to bed!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Day a Pair of Red Shoes Arrived at my Door!

Click here and take a look!

I am very lucky to be offered a pair of these to try, so I duly popped to the HOTTER SHOES website and started looking. It didn't take me long to fall in love with PENNY in a lovely striking red leather.

They arrived a few days later, and I can truthfully say I have never, ever tried on a more comfortable pair of shoes!

The leather is soft and welcoming, the heel of the sole is padded, the sole of the shoe is a lovely
non-slip affair. I am loving them and finding any excuse to pop them on!

I am going to invest in a pair of GLEE for work! They may seem expensive, but they are British made and superb quality.

Take a look and maybe treat your feet to a bit of shoe love!

Friday, 19 February 2010

a test for vitamins!

I have been sent a bottle of multivitamins from Seven Seas called 'energetic mum' and as I am about to start 7 weeks of night shifts (erratic ones at that!) I thought it would be a good idea to give them a run for their money.

I anticipate, feeling run down and emotional at times, I will be working 'long nights' which is 7.15pm til 7.45am, which means very little sunlight to help keep me going, combine that with the kids and things could get fun.

lets see if these little tablets can make me an energetic mum!

The Brilliant post

first night shift Wednesday night - brilliant!
I have a brilliant mentor! I had a brilliant time!

I was able to give lots of breastfeeding support - which was brilliant!

I learnt new things - which was brilliant!

I was able to spend time with the women, listening to them, talking with them, helping and supporting them - which was Brilliant!

all in all it was Brilliant - roll on Saturday!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

A sense of worry and dread!

This week I start my next placement, this time on the ante natal ward. I haven't worked in a hospital setting before, so I approach this with some trepidation......................

or I did until today! I asked another of the students, who has been on the ward for a week now, how she was finding it and what sort of things did she do. O dear her mentor spent a lot of time crying,and then on day 2 her mentor handed in her notice! apparently wrong drugs being given, notes going missing and equipment is a bit thin on the ground - so now I am worrying a wee bit about how the heck I am going to fair!

Wish me luck for my first shift which is a long night shift (12.5 hours!) on Wednesday night.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


reflecting on being a 9th of the way through my course! just 8 more semesters to go ~ so not long then?!

I really enjoyed being out with the community midwifes, I felt *at home*. I learnt so much and was able to put a lot of theory into practice. not just what we have learnt in uni, but also the bits and pieces I have picked up over the years with my own, and my friends pregnancies. daft as it sounds, it felt 'real'.

then we had a long break! 2 weeks off for Christmas, which I won't deny was lovely. Back in Uni for a couple of days and then *bang* the flaming snow! and everything since then has been postponed. Tomorrow we have formative presentations, I am presenting with a fellow student, we are covering the third stage of labour. Not so good when my darling middle child has given me a bug from hell!

Saturday is an exam, least said about that I think.

Then its make into Uni for a couple of weeks, mostly learning skills. Then back into placement; one week doing bits I have organised - so far I have secured a couple of days in a specialist mother and baby unit buts that all *whoops*. Then I have 3 weeks on the Ante-Natal ward, and finally 4 weeks on the delivery suite (very very exciting!) then a thankful 2 weeks off for Easter.

Mr.B's Birthday coincides with Easter this year, so to avoid having to buy cakes for his work colleagues he has taken the week off and we have hired a cottage in Herefordshire - very much looking forward to that!