Wednesday, 2 June 2010

less than 60 days to go

and so much to do, reflections, portfolios, practice hours to keep up with, 2000 word assignment, A+P, OSCE's, PBA's and placements in community and the delivery suite - blimey.

and then I have a 6 weeks inter-semester period - so need that!

During my break (1 week personal development, 3 weeks annual leave and then 2 more weeks personal development)hope to not have too much practive time to make up, however - I am going to read (strictly chic lit), knit (I have a throw for my bed to do, and would love to knit for my neplet - did I tell you I was going to be an Auntie soon for the first time?), I will tidy the loft, I will tidy the garage (including selling all my fleeces and snaps), fill up the freezer with good home cooked food for next winter.

AND rest, rest and enjoy the respite before the second year starts!

wow nearly a 3rd of the way there already - scarey stuff indeed.