Sunday, 26 September 2010

Trying it on for size

About this time last year I was very excited about starting Uni.

and tonight I go to bed as a first year midwifery student............................

and wake up tomorrow as a SECOND year midwifery student!!!!!!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010



I came home from work today and I have something that promises to be a lovely bathroom!

All the issues I raised with the chappy yesterday have been adressed!

And I have floor!

And the work downstairs has started, a new loo and sink (the smallest sink in the world!) and the tiles have been removed - could it mean that the end is in sight?!

I do hope so!

Pictures soon I promise

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

So Who's Insurance Should I Claim On?

Yes the bathroom situation has got that bad!

And I am so glad I sorted out my buildings and contents insurance!

What I should be doing, is sitting in a beautiful - very almost - finished bathroom. With candles, bubbles and wine.

But what I have is a disaster! the decorator has made such a bad job I have had to call in the site manager - who was also appalled at the workmanship and finish. Hopefully things in that quarter will be rectified - AND VERY SOON!

But just to put the icing on the cake - tonight I tried to pretend that the deorating wasnt so bad, and ran myself a lovely hot bath - and as I was a bit chilly decided that I would pop the heating on.

Pah what a mistake that was. There I am lying in a lovely bath, washing away the aches and pains of the day, listening to that lovely gentle trickle of water going out of the overflow.

Then suddenly - splosh, splash as water - somewhere - hit the floor - somewhere?!

After a bit of investigating I found the puddle, under the boiler - coming from the pipes *sigh*

So what is it? My home buildings insurance? contents (the flooring is damaged)? I do have cheap home contents insurance, but thats due to no claims in years - would this bump my premiums up?

Friday, 10 September 2010

I don't want to talk about it

Things I wouldn't do if I was decorating a bathroom;

  • I wouldn't paint over unplastered wall
  • I wouldn't paint new copper pipes with emulsion
  • I wouldn't put woodchip up on one wall
  • I wouldn't put woodchip up in little bits, like a patchwork
  • I wouldn't paint the woodchip before the paste was dry
  • I wouldn't put woodchip up at all actually!
  • I wouldn't paint over a lovely freshly plastered wall that had been damaged by the clumsy tiler
  • I wouldn't paint over rawplugs and holes from the old fixtures and fittings, without them being removed and filled
  • I wouldn't put a screw into a new skirting board so tightly it split the wood, made the corner of the skirting seperate and then paint over it
  • I wouldn't paint the ceiling without taking down the old light fitting, knowing the knew one is smaller

That is why I don't want to talk about it, I am not a happy person and when the project manager picks up his phone messages he is really going to know that!


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

blooming laptop!

I have photos for you
Of my bathroom
It's looking good
But my laptop won't let me upload them!

days 2 & 3 were the weekend, so no bathroom progress
I came home from work on day 4 to find that NOTHING had been done!
Day 5 I was promised a plasterer and a carpenter, no sign of a carpenter, but the plasterer had managed to do about half a wall!
Day 6 (today) I came home unsure of what I would find - WOOHOO progress indeed; tiling done, bath panel done, hole at bottom of dirt stack covered over and the floorboard covering put down in readiness for the flooring!

And yes I have had a bath tonight

Saturday, 4 September 2010

And so the bathroom

Inspite of the workmen arriving an hour later than promised, and the office chappy not coming out to take my door key the work is well underway! They have decided to do the downstairs loo next week, so here are a few before shots of the upstairs bathroom.

the new suite was delivered first thing, whilst I was still dropping the kids at school - very amusing to walk round the corner and see my new suite left on the grass verge opposite my house!

The first thing they did was wrap my stairs carpet in bubble wrap! honestly it is - such fun walking up and down stairs now, and no way Mr.B or the teenager can sneak in late at night!
I did go out for the day, as I suspected it would be a very noisey day - and I was right by the looks of it on my return - the suite had been completely changed and all the tiles had been ripped
off the walls, as well as the flooring and woodchip removed!

I have had a bath in there already, and even managed to wash my hair despite there being no shower attachment, good old jug! Monday I shall be going out to work before they arrive, and by the time I get back they will be done, and as they tidy up so well behind themselves it will be like having bathroom fairies in!