Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Oh for heavens sake

Its like taking a plaster off really really really slowly, bit by painful bit (insert sound effects and loud explitives). Why can't they just grab it and rip it off?

10 'O clock news and what are they talking about AGAIN? The recessions again, aparrently, according to the bank of England we are slipping into the R word.

are we? are we really? gosh how can you tell?

so instead of slowly pulling the plaster off and saying here we go, sliding that way. Just grab it, pull it and admit it out loud!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

After the ball was over...............

smallest child attended her first Birthday party without me today.

She has just been dropped home, with an amazing tiger face!

I asked her what she had to eat

sc: cake
me: anything else?
sc: yes chocolate cake


Saturday, 18 October 2008


if someone could tell the idiot that lives next door there is really no need to have music so loud I can hear it through the wall, especially as the party is for a 9 year old! ye gods, I dread to think what will happen when those kids are teenagers

*shakes head and wonders if living in a yurt in the middle of the our forest is the way to go?*


I love a good bargain
well what girl doesn't?
especially in these credit crunch days
so I am often found mooching around charity shops
but this week found me on unfamiliar territory in a town near us
of course I had to scout the charity shops!
found a lovely skirt for £2.50

and this
and these
and these
and these (which are actually a lovely mint green)
and these!
and all that yarn? 1900 grammes of it! how much I hear you yell!


I kid you not! actually it was £5 something or other, but I felt so wrong taking change for so much lovely yarn I told her to round it to £6!


Can you see that clearly? that was the receipt from putting fuel in the car earlier.
99.9p a litre
does this mean, life is getting back to normal. Will we actually be able to afford to live this winter?
lets wait and see if it starts reflecting in the price of staples as quickly as it did when the price went up!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

To the man sitting next to me this morning in the library

This post is adressed to the middle aged 'gentleman' who was in the 'study' section of St. Albans central library this morning, but others could learn from it!

Of course the clue is in the name 'study' area.

So sitting with your laptop laughing out loud to something on facebook is slightly disruptive.

constant sniffing is annoying, you may have a cold? keep it to yourself!

Headphones mean you can keep your noise to yourself, so if someone asks politely 'could you turn that down please?' dont reply 'can you hear that? I find that hard to believe' well there you go I must be lying then!

So thank you, from a mature student trying very hard to do the best she can in the rare few hours she has without her children (this morning was exactly 1 hour!)

Try and think of others who are actually working there, and use another area next time (after all the library have supplied banks and banks of PC's and desk space everywhere!)