Sunday, 19 December 2010

These boots are made for walking.......................

Last year my faithful walking boots of 8 years sprung a leak, I was devastated it had taken such a long time to break those boots in and they were now like a second skin. We have been through so many exciting adventures together - RIP lovely boots.

This year I have acquired a new pair of boots - from Hotter shoes new range of gore-tex shoes for women.

And they arrived just in time - the day before the massive snowfall hit the UK!

Well, WOW! so comfortable, no breaking in needed from the first time I popped them onto my dainty (hahahhaah!) feet.

They have had a lot of use over the last few weeks from; traipsing in the garden to fill the bird feeders, battling through the slush to buy milk and even to the theatre! (OK so it was 'only' the matinee performance of a pantomime!)

Would I recommend them? yes, yes, yes definitely. I have the blue version and even my 18 year old said they are nice, and look cute with jeans. They are not great big clod hoppers, looking like a foot soldier would wear them, they are definitely more suited to the genteel female!

Thursday, 16 December 2010


So there you go she is a natural! apparently.

Her instructor was an absolute diamond, so patient with middle child. And incredibly encouraging

so what can I say about the Snow Centre? The staff were lovely! from helping us find out where to go to helping us work out what clothing and equipment in what size middle child needed.

once she was ready and packed off with the instructor, her Dad, me and the littliest went upstairs to watch - you can choose to watch from an open balcony (although it can be up to minus 8c) or you can sit in front of a fire, with a glass of something in your hand (or a frothy coffee from the costa) here she is ready, but not looking too happy

but its ok, she has red boots!

possibly her favourite bit was the cable that took her up!

although she was pretty good at coming down!

I guess it will be Ski Lessons now then *sigh*