Tuesday, 25 September 2007

So! what is this blog for?

After all the last one was for the lead up to the wedding to let everyone know what was going on (really it started as my own mad ramblings, then found out others were reading it!)

Is this going to be my own ramblings? will it have a purpose? will anyone read it? will anyone want to read it?

who knows?

I would like to make some plans for my future though, not big ones - just a few things that I (or is that which I?) want to do before I am 45.

  1. go to the opera. Not just go to an opera, but have a box, get dressed up, go for a meal etc etc, the grand stuff.
  2. visit a sushi bar
  3. own a pair of JimmyChoos - OK I know thats sad!
  4. have a spa holiday
  5. have dinner at Sopwell House Hotel
thats a start, I am sure I will think of more as time goes on.

watch this space!


Mike1727 said...

Go to St Michael's Manor instead of Sopwell, far nicer.
Also more expensive, so don't pay yourself..

moonmamma said...

Thank you Mike1727, I will book there instead!