Sunday, 4 November 2007

Never having introduced myself formally.............

and yet there is so much you could know about me, just by reading this and my first blog.
  • I like Nick Knowles
  • I don't sew as much as I want to
  • Mr.B & me have been courting for over a decade
  • Mr.B can't spell!
  • I have some wonderful friends, Caroline, Jude, Krystle, Elaine, Pippa to name a few
  • I love food and shoes, and food and shoes oh and food and shoes!
  • Mr.B carelessly lost his job
  • my Spelling and grammar are terrible
  • I had 14" of hair cut off last year
  • I have 3 beautiful daughters
  • I am a Brownie Guider, and Mr.B is a scout leader
  • we drive an old banger
  • I have lost nearly 2 stone in weight thanks to weight watchers
  • I have my eyebrows waxed and my nails done!
  • I am a member of freecycle
  • For a brief while, we kept chickens
  • I like, like, like shopping at Milton Keynes
  • I live in St. Albans, and it rained a lot here in August
  • I am not a vegetarian!
  • I fart a lot
  • I am a pirate called Calico Charity Bonney
  • I am under 45
  • I can cook, and really enjoy it
  • I am doing an OU course
  • Mr.B rides a motorbike
so there you go, you actually know an awful lot about me!

1 comment:

Hellbound said...

I can spell!

I just forget to use the spill chicker!