Tuesday, 12 February 2008

I love lists

I think I may have said that before, in this blog or the other one.
And just now I have a bucket load of stuff that needs doing, its getting me down. so alongside the other stuff (study, allotment, brownies, family etc) I have made a list today of the things I need to get done around the house to make me feel better.

maybe its spring approaching that's making me feel like this?

  • tidy the drawers in the living room - mainly the cutlery drawer, it is out of control
  • take down the last of the Birthday stuff, cards, banners, balloons etc
  • the mountain pile of ironing
  • send my laptop and broadband receipts to the OU to support my grant claim
  • plumb in the sink into the downstairs loo (more on that later!)
  • paint afore mentioned loo (the walls not the convenience!)
  • scrub loo floor, probably needing white spirit to get the gunk up
  • sort out coats in coats cupboard - there is a lot and I am sure there are some in there that the girls don't wear
  • ditto shoe rack, and why is there a very large bag of teabags on the shoe rack?!?!
  • fix the under cupboard light in the kitchen, I switched it on saturday and it went bang - frightened the life out of me!
  • sort-out-the-box-of-DOOM well everyone has one!
  • touch up paint work in the hallway, and re gloss the woodwork
  • tidy up the ridiculous amount of books we have on the bookshelves - maybe even set a few free
  • plant the seeds in the trays for this seasons veggies
  • decorate the littlies room
  • tackle my Avon boxes - especially the filing!
  • bank the subs cheques from brownies and write a letter for the parents re next terms happennings
  • find my wedding ring - yeah more about that later as well, sorry Mr.B it is in the house!
  • tidy my sock draw (again)
  • put bits in the loft that need to go in the loft!
  • list my ridiculously large stash of unneeded fabric on Ebay
  • buy some frames, mount wedding and school photos and hang them
  • sort out, launder, iron and price up things for the NCT sale next month.

mmmmmmm thats quite some list!

now the wedding ring story. I went to clean the scout hut yesterday so I thought the safest thing to do would be to not wear my ring. I took it off and put it on top of the TV in the bedroom - but now its gone! and so has the flannel that it was on top of, so I am assuming its slipped off down the back. but to retrieve it will invlove pulling out the chest of drawers and the laundry baskets. for which I haven't had a spare childfree moment for and so it's on the list!

As for the saga of the downstairs loo - thats another story for another blog entry!

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