Saturday, 18 October 2008


I love a good bargain
well what girl doesn't?
especially in these credit crunch days
so I am often found mooching around charity shops
but this week found me on unfamiliar territory in a town near us
of course I had to scout the charity shops!
found a lovely skirt for £2.50

and this
and these
and these
and these (which are actually a lovely mint green)
and these!
and all that yarn? 1900 grammes of it! how much I hear you yell!


I kid you not! actually it was £5 something or other, but I felt so wrong taking change for so much lovely yarn I told her to round it to £6!


dougalfish said...
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dougalfish said...

where is this wonderful charity shop and did you leave any wool there?

p.s. just clicked on your link via NCT yahoo group - must put mine in my signature! p.p.s. my crafty one is http;//

moonmamma said...

the shop was in Hatfield, but I cant remember which one!

Riggwelter said...

charity shops are the best!