Monday, 24 November 2008

O dear O dear

My lovely Husband has been laid off again, we didn't see that coming, in fact the company he was working for appeared to be doing so well.
Thankfully he has been able to sign on with an agency and has some temporary work for the next month or so.
But it has left me with something on my mind, if I pass my access course (And I should) and if I get accepted to Uni (as much chance as the next wannabe midwife) how will we survive if Mr.B is out of work?
I am going to train as a midwife to improve our future, so its not just a flight of fancy - like getting a degree in kite flying!
so I thought I would chance my arm, and see if anyone of the many many readers I have of my blog fancied hitting the button and donating a £1 or 2? as my Mum says, don't ask don't get (but then don't they say you shouldn't ask for things?!?!)
anyway there you go - nod with agreement at my cheek or shake your head in disappointment at my cheek. But either way you can't blame a girl for trying

now off to do my maths homework!

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