Monday, 2 February 2009

So, the weekend away?

it was a much looked forward to weekend break; Me, my eldest and the youngest on a bargain travelodge break to the new forest.

we left full of excitement on Friday night and were amazed at the lovely smooth journey, with only a small amount of traffic around Heathrow (to be expected really!)

we arrived tired and hungry, so whilst the girls got themselves sorted for bed I popped out for fish and chips. doesnt this sound like an idillic scene?

full tums and tucked into warm beds we drifted off to sleep (still idillic?) only for me to be woken a short while later by smallest child wanting to get into bed with me, no problem after all I do have a king sized bed to myself!

But, at midnight, said smallest child started crying in pain. Earache has struck, and of course I have no calpol! what a night, I dont think I got more than half an hours uninterupted sleep. and then at about 7am she threw up, and carried on throwing up large mouthfuls of bile for the next couple of hours! got some clean sheets from housekeeping (lucky them!) and phoned NHS direct, spoke to a lovely nurse who advised us to make our way home incase it was a tummy bug and Iwent down with it.

but she slept for a bit and was much better so we made the decision to stay, despite being knackered! dosed her up with calprofen and went for a trip into the new forest to see some ponies, didnt get out the car as we were too tired and cold!

As the day rolled on littliest started complaining of a sore throat as well as a earache. But really it was too late to drive home.

We went out with high hopes of a pizza hut supper, but the wait was an hour and they had no waiting area?!?! so macdonalds it was! nuggets, burgers, fries, milkshakes all went down a treat.

Back to the motel, and we are really tired and I am the only one to stay awake to the end of Casualty, then my light is off and I am zzzzzzzzzzz away with the rest of them...................................

and again the midnight hours strikes and littliest has lept out of my bed and vomitted big time all over her not slept in single bed! for the next hour I am rinsing bits of the days food out of sheets in the bathroom! eventually settling back down (after waking up Mr.B and discussing driving home then!) but poor little soul had a temperature through the roof, heat was radiating from her and she wouldnt let me touch her (very unusual).

we came home early on Sunday with a thankfully non eventful journey which she slept through, couldnt really be bothered with going on a visit anywhere after that night!

Poor little mite, Sunday was her Birthday as well. I am hoping she is going to go down with Chicken Pox (its going around nursery) so she can get it over with now. other than that I have no idea what can be wrong!


Mrs Fink said...

Hope little one feeling better very soon. It's horrible how useless you feel in the middle of the night when they are ill. the worst I felt was when I came back from Scout Camp last year with a bad back and when Little Fink got back a few days later, I heard she had been sick in her tent, by herself all night. That image of her tired, ill and alone in a tent, still haunts me to this day.
On a happier note - what plans for the big 40? Mine is in December and I hope to have a party.

zooarchaeologist said...

what a nightmare! Your suffering has made my sleepless nights pale into insignificance. God, i hate sick- hubby is nominated sick monitor, I dont know what I would have done in this circumstance. Can I award you with a bravery badge for your blog!
I hope you are all feeling better now :)

moonmamma said...

Oh Mrs. Fink I feel your heartache, for the first guide camp me teen daughter went to I forgot to hand in the health forms (explaining all about her strange vomitty thing) I put them in the post 1st class on the way home and thought no more of it.
until I picked her up at the end of the week to be told she had had a vomitty incident the 1st night :@{

and Claire I would no way want to go back to the pain of sleeplesness that you are feeling now, no one tells you it actually physically hurts to be that tired!