Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I am a bad, bad blogger!

And have really been a slacker when it comes to blog posts this year.

Am I forgiven?

I have been really busy!

For anyone who missed it I have been doing an Access to higher education course at the local college.

That's one educational year, 4 psychology assignments (roughly 1,500 words each), 4 biology assignments (roughly 1,500 - 3,000 words each)including a power point presentation. 1 'independent' assignment for biology (3,000 words) and an extended assignment in psychology (5,000 words + experiment and research)
add to that a maths assignment, an IT assignment, and another maths assignment. the various bits and bobs for my portfolio (CV's, personal statements, reflection etc etc)

Add to that 2 exams (I know that doesn't sound much, but it has been 24 years since I last sat any exams!) and you might start to get the picture.

This week I am on work experience at the Lister hospital, which is just fantastic! yesterday I was on the ante and post natal wards, today I was out in the community with the community midwifes and tomorrow I am in the hospital ante natal clinic (my only complaint is that I am paying £6 a day to park!?!) I will be doing an assignment based around my work experience and a reflective diary.

So what can I say? I am busy - I also still have the family to look after (have had no luck finding somewhere else to put them!)

but it is worth it - I have passed the exams, and achieved the levels in the assignments I needed (except the final maths and IT assignments and extended assignments which aren't finished yet)so - yeah - that's it I am on my way, nothing should stop me now - 28th September and I will be student midwife Kirsty at Herts Uni


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zooarchaeologist said...

great news, blog about your student midwife experiences when you get time, I cant wait to hear the gory details. If you are allowed!