Monday, 24 August 2009

yummy chewy multi vits?!

just over a month ago I was asked if my younger children would be willing to try out some vitamin tablets for Haliborange.

my kids have a multivitamin tablet everyday already (our usual is boots own) as well as a couple of omega 3 tablets (from eyeQ), so substituting the different multivit in wasn't a problem.

Kids Multivitamin fruit softies, look like sweets - a good thing for children who don't like tablets I guess. My kids LOVED them! and rather than eating those ones first (as they do with the boots ones to get rid of the flavour with the omega3 tabs!) they have decided they are definitely worthy of the 'last-tablet-to-be-taken' honour!

so well done Seven Seas, a tablet with all the vitamins they need (always a worry when kids can be so picky when eating), attractive to the kids, and taste nice!

my only issue is how sticky they are when the 4 year old takes it out of her mouth to give me a kiss, then puts it back in, then takes it out to drink her milk then puts it back in................... cue hand wash!

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