Friday, 21 May 2010


The first day of the rest of my life!
not the life I planned and certainly not the life I want.
But this is it, this is the one I have been given!

and as any of you who have been regular readers of my blogs for the last 3 years or so, will know that I love lists! Here is my 'this-is-what-is-left-of-2010-list'!

  • get a new tattoo (maybe 2 if I am feeling indulgent)
  • have my tongue pierced (yeah I am scared of that!)
  • pass my motorbike test (watch out world!)
  • get a bike to enjoy said licence
  • lose 20 pounds (damn married life!)
  • start an exercise regime.
Of course that is on top of getting on with this course (is it nearly the inter-semester break yet?!) and looking after the kids.

Today I met with a dear friend, Caroline. We had a mooch around the Vintage Emporium, where I treated myself to a pretty scarf, an unusual watch and a hat pin to hold my naughty beret in place (it is naughty because it slides off my head!)

We then had lunch at The Beech Tree, which amusingly used to be a toilet block! I have decided they do the best Chai Latte locally!

Caroline instructed me to make sure the flowers I was buying on the way home were bright, well Caroline I tried I hope these are bright enough - even if the beautiful bunch of lilac and pink flowers called me! And although I wanted to get an unusual vase in the Vintage Emporium, I ended up getting this twisted one from the supermarket!

Now I am getting ready to go to a friends house for a study night with a few of the girls - Anatomy and Physiology you will be mine!

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Caroline said...

yeah they are bright enough :)