Thursday, 3 January 2008

on the ........hang on what day is it?

yeah, yeah it seemed like a fantastic idea at the time - to do one of the 12 days of Christmas each day, a mixture of educational fact interspersed with massive doses of wit. But do you have any idea how hard it is to
  1. find the time over Christmas with 3 children, a demanding husband and a semi social life
  2. conjure up the wit on demand
  3. be bothered!
Well honesty is always the best policy isn't it?

Sales shopping has been occupying a lot of my time, I have most the Birthday presents sorted for the year, the new decorations for the tree next year (our girls each choose a new decoration for the tree every year - soon the tree will have to be the size of the one in Trafalgar square to accommodate them all!), a lovely nativity advent calender for next year (it is a little stable scene and each day you add a character to it - they are magnets - its quite cute),a new TV (32" HD ready with freeview don't ya know!) and a steam generating iron (which I have still to learn to love). probably spent far too much money, but then I have probably saved a lot of money - and really I haven't bought anything we didn't need (OK so we don't NEED a TV we could live without one, but I am not ready to face that challenge, as I do like a bit of mindless Australian soap or good old Auntie Beeb costume drama!).

But I have also decided we do spend too much money on 'stuff' so this year I am going to try very hard to cut down on that 'stuff'. wish me luck!


Mrs Fink said...

I'm with you on the 'stuff'. I look round my house and wish we didn't have a lot of the 'stuff' we've got. How to get rid? It's not worth anything. I'd almost be embaressed to give it away. Perhaps I should organise a burglary?
(Thank you for your support on my no smoking try!)

Mrs Fink

Hellbound said...

Whats this "demanding husband" crap?

I rarely "demand" anything, I mat ask nicely but I do not demand!