Friday, 16 May 2008

Yeah Go Me!

See that counter there?
the one on the left?
under the one counting down our weekend away?
Well, It doesn't matter any more BECAUSE I HAVE FINISHED!!!!!!!!!

All 3 blocks, thats 16 units, 4 tutor marked assignments all submitted and marked (with really quite decent scores!), 1 computer marked assesment (results eagerly waited for ) and the Final tutor marked assignment, my finger is hovering over the submit button right this minute!

In fact my finger has been hovering over it since last Thursday evening when I finished it, thats 7 days ago. I seem to have a physical inability to hit the button. I had read it, re read it, had 3 other people read it and I have then made appropriate corrections to grammer. So why is it this 1000 essay is causing me so many problems?!

O.k. I am going to have my lunch now (egg topped muffins, in case you are interested) and then I will send it. I have a bag I want to get made this afternoon as a present for someone, and I want to be able to make it without thinking about the essay all the time!

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