Friday, 25 April 2008

Listen to the beautiful sound

Of the teenager stropping
Of Mr.B stropping back
Of the littlies fighting


I love the weekends, everyone is here invading my space, making a mess, spoiling my routine.

but I do love 'em all. HONEST!


Mrs Fink said...

I know what you mean. I was so fed up today with mess erupting where I had JUST tidied that I could have happily jumped in the car, gone to a park, sat on a bench and watched ducks for an hour. However I had Little Fink and her friend so the 'mum' in me reminded me of my responsibilities and I fumed silently instead. We do love 'em, but they do drive us mad. Chin up ole girl!

Hellbound said...

its ok...I'll stay at work during the weekends!

Think of the money!

Mrs Fink said...

Hey Mrs B
We miss you
blog on!