Thursday, 4 December 2008

Todays post is brought to you by the letter R

and lots of love!

I am very picky about my purse, it takes me a long time to find the right one. it has to be a certain size, have a certain amount of pockets, it has to be black leather and be a certain price!

My last purse was from John Lewis, and prior to that I had one from Clarks (bought from their outlet store in Street, in October 2006) I never really liked the Clarks one, after the initial flush of love, as the coin part wasnt completely closed and coins would disappear into the lining.

so when I was given some JLP vouchers as a leaving gift from Brownies I decided to replace the Clarks purse, this was in September. a couple of days ago I noticed the lining was tearing, in a part of the purse I dont even use - so off I trotted today to replace it, sadly faced with a whole display of purses I could not find one that suited me. Just as I was about to give up I found one! and there was 20% off to boot (mind you the purse I was returning was now reduced due to VAT changes so whilst I paid £30 I only got £29 back - mmmmmmmm) the difference between my purse and the new one was a *mere* £14. after a quick phonecall to mr.B to confim it was ok I bought it.

I am now the very excited and proud owner of a RADLEY purse! not quite a Radley handbag, but it will do!


Vanessa said...

Congratulations - if you rub it for long enough will a genie jump out ?

HUGS - Vanessa

Richard said...

My wife worships at the altar of Radley! He's a good little doggy I've found - ideal at helping me choose birthday presents ;-)