Thursday, 1 January 2009


I haven't forgotten you, I am just so worn out with the constant round of bugs (mine and kids) crafting for Christmas, baking for Christmas, doing an assignment (yeah nice one biology tutor!) that I seem to have had all my energy sapped away from me.

I won't wish you a happy new year (or have I just done it?) because if you are like me you may not hold much stead by the magic that new years eve is supposed to bring. We bring our own fortune (or misfortune) we have the power within ourselves to change how our lifes are (you wouldn't believe it when you listen to how I moan on at times!). So I hope today has been a lovely day, and you haven't had too much of a hangover (I haven't!, as I was in bed by 11 last night, with a lovely cup of tea) and I hope you have many more happy days ahead of you.

But we are here, we are alive, and we are most definately kicking!

In fact Mr.B is kicking his way back to work tomorrow - a real job, not a temp affair!

hooray for Mr.B and 2009