Wednesday, 28 January 2009

laugh? nearly wet myself!

that a sign of my age that is! this morning I went into town with the eldest child, we had time to kill and as she hadnt had breakfast we went into BHS
for a cup of tea and toast.

whilst sitting there in comfortable silence eldest daughter said

'what I want to know is why has that door got signs on it saying 'plant room' and 'staff only''

'aha' says I, leaning forward in a conspirital way 'thats where they grow their cannabis.'

guffaw guffaw guffaw

'seriously though' says I 'do you not know?'

so I went on to explain about machinery and computer banks etc etc.

and a moment later a chappy went towards the door so we both watched intentently as he opened the door. And then split our sides laughing at the fact that inside this dingy, windowless room, on top of a piece of ugly machinery was a beautiful vase full of flowers!!!!!

oh yes this truly is a plant room!

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