Friday, 16 October 2009

feeling a bit sad today

A couple of days ago I was walking home from the school run (don't get a chance to think on the way to school, let alone look around!) and I saw an amazing formation of fungus (is that the right phrase?) it was growing on the side of the stump of a tree which had been felled earlier in the year. It was beautiful, almost like someone had loosely laid some fabric down in folds.
I made a note to myself to go back and photograph it so I could show you what I was talking about when I blogged it.

But when I went back - some mindless fool had destroyed it, it was in pieces all over the grass - perhaps kicked apart? I don't know, but what a terrible shame that someone can look at something created by nature, something beautiful, something useful and all they can think about is destroying it.

very sad


Caroline said...

hate to say it, but it sounds like honey fungus! This is pretty destructive to trees and maybe someone thought they were helping by kicking it off?
But I do know what you mean! I was always heartbroken when those little cherry trees got snapped in half not long after planting along Sandridge road.

moonmamma said...

just looked up images of honey fungus, and although I didnt that close to the stuff I saw it does look familiar, but is it such a problem when its a tree already felled, and no other trees in spitting distance?

Caroline said...

it is pretty dreadful and can travel quite a distance!