Sunday, 1 November 2009

Blog a DAY!

During the Month on November I am going to TRY and make an entry everyday!

O blimey those are bold words!

So here we are 1st November 2009, last night was Halloween or all Hallows eve and the celebration of Samhain for the Pagans out there.

the 2 littlies went out trick or treating to a few friends houses, but we did forget to carve the pumpkin - So Mr.B has done that with the girls this morning and we will use it to welcome our ancestors to the table tomorrow - all souls day

its a really miserable ( did I say miserable? read that as disgusting!) day out there today, lots of side ways rain. But the littlies are full of energy so Mr.B has dressed in puddle busters and gone for a splashingly good walk!

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Kim@EnjoyTheRide said...

They seem pretty intense about that pumpkin carving. if only it wasn't an activity limited to once a year...