Wednesday, 24 October 2007


  • middle child if I say I cant afford lunch in the cafe having a tantrum in town does not help
  • Britannia building society, having 1 member of staff on duty at lunchtime on a market day is dumb
  • general public, I know you are having a lovely day out but when you suddenly stop dead in your tracks on a packed pavement to gawp at a market stall I will end up ramming the buggy into your legs - no point giving me 'that' look
  • Mr. NCP man, if I come to you and tell you my car I has broken down on the third floor with no lifts working and ask you what happens about the exit ticket whilst am waiting for the AA don't shrug your shoulders and say 'not my problem' when I am obviously harassed, hanging on to 2 (very hungry) kids having carried the buggy and shopping and the small child up 3 flights, and then had to carry child back down 3 flights to get help and then with the prospect of carrying them back up again! and then look on in amazement as I burst into tears
  • Argos man - if you have an offer advertised in your brochure and it doesn't go through the till, I don't care - just sort it
  • post office lady, £42.30 - £21.50 is not £15. no matter how many times you try to work it out on a piece of paper. use a calculator
however to the AA man who came out to me within half an hour, couldn't get his truck in the car park so came up said 3 flights of stairs (all smelling of wee) smiled at me and the kids and had the car going within 5 minutes - I LOVE YOU
ok that's it, feel better now, having shoved McDonald's down the kids throats (hey at nearly 3 that was poppy's first one!) and sat them on the playstation so I can have a cuppa in peace (and some rice cakes , i did not have McDonald's!)


Caroline said...

and on the same day in the same town I encountered 3 old men who couldn't remember that YOU GIVE WAY TO THE RIGHT ON ROUNDABOUTS!' - PHEW! FEEL BETTER NOW!
Caroline ;)

moonmamma said...

And in the same week another mum, this one with a 7 mnth old in a front sling. encountered grief from the NCP men in question!
she had lost her ticket, her daughter had just vomited on her and the floor and her bag split open spilling her shopping out.
and all NCP men could do was charge her £7 to get out the car park.
it was down to 2 members of public who were kind enough to help her.