Thursday, 18 October 2007


I am going to use this blog to have a little rant about all the twits who drive cars with no regard for other road users.

I am talking about the drivers who do not see vehicles with 2 wheels!

Poor Mr.B got knocked off his bike yesterday!

He loves his little Honda C90, does Mr.B. It may be 20 years old, and he may have other bikers point and laugh at it - but it gets him out and about.

But now its poorly, maybe even gone to the other side (no, no, no, not that other side!)

Thankfully Mr.B is OKish, he has a sore chest, a bad graze on his elbow, a cut on his leg, cuts on his hands and A SORE RIGHT BUTTOCK!!

He said as it was happening all he could think was 'this is going to hurt'
after it happened he thought 'that wasn't so bad'
and then the driver said 'sorry mate I didn't see you'!

remember think once, think twice, think bike!


Mike1727 said...

Sorry to hear that.

In my world, SMIDSY is likely to be met with instant smack in the mouth.

Hellbound said...

I was tempted but he looked old and fragile.
Which is probably why he didn't see me!