Tuesday, 15 April 2008

what a difference a day makes

This is what I was going to post today

12 years ago today a lovely man came to my house to see if he could help me fix my car, and he never left - I love you Mr.B and thank you for a wonderful 12 years. I was going to invite you to join me for a yummy home cooked meal for two after the kids had gone to bed on saturday night. you, me, a couple of steaks and a good bottle of wine

But what I am actually going to post, in light of what arrived in the post this morning is

Mr.B you are a complete twit for getting a speeding fine, and the next time you tell me your moped only does 30mph, I will remind you of the intention to prosecute notice you have for doing 41mph! you great big numpty!

O boy, have you got some crawling to do!


Phyllis said...

Oh sorry, but I'm really trying to not giggle.

Sort of like how I was so pleased with DH who drove the kids on a field trip. Then got a notice *in my name* in the mail to tell me I owed $35 because *he* went through the Fastrac lane on the toll bridge instead of the HOV lane and so didn't pay the toll.

Bee said...

What is the difference between a 3 year old and a 30 year old?
I'm sure there is supposed to be a punch line to the question, but darned if I know what it is.
Sorry, I don't have an answer either. Except that at 8:30 PM you know where the 3 year old is. That's it. Done. Fini.

When my daughter was in Middle School she came home one day upset because "boys are so stupid." I sat her down and told her the facts of life. The talk went like this:
Before we're born we are all in heaven waiting our turn to come to earth. There is an assembly line that everyone gets in where they get their feet and legs and body and arms and head. Then that line splits into two lines. Over one line is a sign that says "Brains" and over the other line is a sign that says "Penis" and you have to choose which line you get in. "Brains" or "Penis," take your pick.
About a week later my daughter came home. She was very pleased with herself. She told me that one of the boys at school was talking trash and being stupid and then she remembered what I had said. She said, "Then I remembered what you said and I realized which line he got in and it all made sense."
Some people have chastised me because I am “male bashing” and propagating gender based stereotypes. OK, maybe they’re right. But it worked for her and it works for me.
Good luck with your 3 year old. LOL
Granna Bee

Hellbound said...


ok...I chose Penis!