Sunday, 29 August 2010

Funeral Planning

I am 41, less than half a year away from being 42. potentially half way through my life, I have done a lot with my life – 3 kids, lots of work experience, twice married and now at uni doing a degree.

There are 3 things in life that are guaranteed; being born, paying taxes anddying!

How many of us give much thought to any of those? We may celebrate the birth of a baby, grumble at the amount of tax we have to pay – but the dying bit, do we think about it? Maybe in so far as writing a will.

Who is going to pay for your funeral? And that’s something that I have been thinking about – maudlin maybe, but ever practical that is me!

So I thought I would look into funeral planning and a prepayment plan. During my research I have found out some fascinating stuff;

  • You can plan what you want, poems, eulogies, music, cars etc
  • You can hire a casket - seriously! you can hire a posh coffin to be viewed in and then swap to the more basic cheaper version for the burial / cremation! and why not, after all we hire wedding frocks
  • You can pay bi - annually, annually, monthly, quarterly - basically however suits you!

So just like you plan the arrival of your baby, your wedding day or a family holiday you canplan your funeral exactly how you want it ensuring your funeral is a unique reflection of your life and your wishes are fulfilled.For someone as anal as me that is a blessing – now pass the cheque book please

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