Tuesday, 14 September 2010

So Who's Insurance Should I Claim On?

Yes the bathroom situation has got that bad!

And I am so glad I sorted out my buildings and contents insurance!

What I should be doing, is sitting in a beautiful - very almost - finished bathroom. With candles, bubbles and wine.

But what I have is a disaster! the decorator has made such a bad job I have had to call in the site manager - who was also appalled at the workmanship and finish. Hopefully things in that quarter will be rectified - AND VERY SOON!

But just to put the icing on the cake - tonight I tried to pretend that the deorating wasnt so bad, and ran myself a lovely hot bath - and as I was a bit chilly decided that I would pop the heating on.

Pah what a mistake that was. There I am lying in a lovely bath, washing away the aches and pains of the day, listening to that lovely gentle trickle of water going out of the overflow.

Then suddenly - splosh, splash as water - somewhere - hit the floor - somewhere?!

After a bit of investigating I found the puddle, under the boiler - coming from the pipes *sigh*

So what is it? My home buildings insurance? contents (the flooring is damaged)? I do have cheap home contents insurance, but thats due to no claims in years - would this bump my premiums up?

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