Monday, 31 December 2007

On the Fifth day of Christmas my true love sent to me....................

Thats more like it!
A truly romantic gift, was it an engagement ring?
or a wedding ring?
An eternity ring?

And although I know it refers to the 5 books of the old testament

I really want to take a more romantic view of this gift!

I have fallen behind a bit with the 12 days, the plan was to post one a day (obviously!) but life happens, especially my life and at this time of year!
the day this should have been posted - 28th December - I spent a rather stressful time with my Dad, whilst never the easiest person to get on with, this week was just 'special' when we arranged the day he said to me 'don't get here before 11' which to me means be there sometime after 11! thanks to a clothing crisis (me, why do I always forget to do my laundry over Christmas?), tantrums (middle child) and a lorry from Italy driving far too slowly along a road far to narrow for it, got to love sat navs eh?! Anyway we got there at noon - not good enough apparently, he was cross and after being there for a couple of hours it was obvious we had to leave. I appreciate they had to get back to sort out the dog, but I am not sure Dad had to make it so obvious he wanted us to leave!

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