Sunday, 23 December 2007

On the Second day of Christmas my true love sent to me.............

25th December 2007

2 Turtle Doves refers to the Old and New Testaments

dont' know why, but apparently it does, maybe someone could enlighten me?

So today is Christmas day (well tomorrow, I am posting this on the eve, my family are very tolerant of me but internet time on Christmas day is a big no-no!) a day of hope, love and good will. A day when we can relax and enjoy the company of the ones we love. we are spending the day at home with Mr.B's Brother and his Wife (Uncle D and Auntie J) visiting. I hope middle daughter won't have too many meltdowns, I hope smallest daughter will understnad that not ALL the presents under our tree are for her, and I hope eldest daughter will manage a whole day without a teenage strop or nasty dig at her sisters or stepdad *sigh* I can live in hope.

Merry Christmas everyone I hope you have a wonderful and restful time, and I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.

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