Thursday, 23 July 2009

Cardiff, but couldn't find Capt Jack anywhere!

I want to make this an upbeat blog entry, because we had a fantastic day in Cardiff on Wednesday. However when I logged on to the internet last night I received some heartbreaking and devastating news about a friend. It is personal and I don't feel right sharing it with the world, I couldn't post this entry without giving a mention. they are in my thoughts.

and so Cardiff, very nice place is Cardiff. Although they (Cardiff City council) arent very helpful when it comes to finding somewhere to park!

after finally parking in a car park that cost less than £12 for the day, we set off to find Cardiff Castle to pick up the sight seeing bus. mmmmm easier said than done, Cardiff has an amazing amount of regeneration going on which = lots and lots of building work, which in turn = lots and lots of diversions, paths closed and general confusion!
At least it wasn't raining and eventually we saw the castle in the distance and arrived with only a short detour for a toilet stop and a buy-some-packets-of-crisps- stops!
Aboard the bus (top deck, open air!) we see some of the lovely sights Cardiff has to offer

some fantastic examples of how wonderful everything looks now
and reminders of Cardiffs industrial past.

we were only caught in one downpour on the bus (how surreal, sitting on a bus with your umbrella up!)
but it was so very windy!
We had lunch at the famous Harry Ramsdens (but weren't impressed, and for the only time on the holiday I complained, but that resulted in 50% off the bill which I really cant grumble at. I wont go back to them though!)
We had ice creams looking over Cardiff Bay
We tried to get into the Torchwood unit

and were deleted by cybermen (and exterminated by Daleks, resulting in tears from the small child!)
We admired the magnificence of the millennium centre
and wondered at the beauty of the modern architecture of the welsh assembly debating rooms

strange sights were seen at the Cardiff National Museum

But we struggled to see what all the fuss was about with the millenium stadium
So much was seen and done in Cardiff its hard to remember all of it. Cardiff is a very beautiful city, with amazingly friendly residents. New and old sits side by side with ease

yes all in all Cardiff was a wonderful city, I need to go back - it wasn't possible to see everything in one visit.

the Children were exhausted and slept like angels!

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