Wednesday, 22 July 2009


The next day should really have been Wednesday, and then I could have called it a wet Wednesday in Wales. But it wasn’t, it was definitely Tuesday, and the rain was coming down in stair rods, the tops of the hills weren’t visible and it was obvious a steam train ride into the mountains would be a waste of time (and money).

First stop of the day; the good old swimming pool for another hour plus splash around, and a small amount of swimming practice. I sit so far away from where middle daughter has her lessons I hadn’t noticed how good she had got (hard to see what a little pink dot is doing at that distance!) I was amazed to see her whizzing up and down the pool, and swimming under water so well – what a star! Smallest child has now mastered the art of swimming on her back, all be it with arm bands on, but watching her swim with her face under water is a sight to behold; she kind of puts her face under, pushes her bum in the air and pedals her legs like she is on a bicycle!

Hoping the rain would have stopped as the morning wore on, we came out of the pool ready to head off to the train, only to be disappointed to see the rain even heavier than before. With no idea what to do we dashed back to the hotel, I thought perhaps to look on the interweb to see if there are any indoor play barn type thingies around. But as we whizzed past cinema I noticed that they have a morning movie session, just £1.70 a ticket and adults free! Monsters vs. aliens, something we hadn’t seen – and it started in 15 minutes! This was smallest Childs first trip to the cinema, and apart from being a bit scared at the movie was a little star.

Now what do you think would the weather have changed whilst we were in there?! Nope even heavier! A dash across the road to Frankie and Bennies for lunch (yum-blooming-yum) I have never been to one before and was very surprised at the lovely food, good service and fun atmosphere.

Tummies full, we made our way out into the afternoon hoping to get to the train – guess what? Yes you got it still raining!

At this point desperation was setting in (for me) and an excess of energy was setting in (for the kids!) a quick scout round the web found a castle not far from here, which was free to get in Cyrfarthfa castle.

Mmmmmmm rather an interesting little place; lucky it was free as it only killed about 30 minutes! The gardens were lovely (and soggy)

and the views were fantastic (would be better still on a sunny day, you would be able to see top of hills!)

The kids had a great day, middle child thanked me frequently for cinema trip, so not a disaster, but not really the sightseeing day on a train day I had planned!

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