Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sweet Morning, Sweet Smell?

A morning of two smells, one far more pleasant than the other!

I was awoken at 6.30am by smallest child informing she had been sick. Again. this time all down side of the bed, and over the bedroom floor *sigh*.

Having dealt with all that, I decided that at 7am I would be daft to go back to bed, only to wake again 2 hours later feeling groggy and the kids causing chaos downstairs, so I came downstairs and started ironing - and started to watch ' a beautiful mind' with Russell Crowe. A very good movie, yet quite distressing in places.

I popped out into the garden whilst the iron was warming up and saw that the one remaining sweet pea plant that the slugs had not eaten, had produced some flowers, and of course we all know its important to cut sweet pea flowers to encourage growth. So those four pretty little flowers sat beside me whilst I ironed. The smell is amazing, just four little flowers producing such an intoxicating scent. thank you mother nature!

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