Monday, 20 July 2009

What did Monday bring?

A panic in the middle of the night, leading to a text message to Mr.B at 3 am about the MOT on our car!

I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s entry that we are in Wales on holiday. It was *supposed* to be, Mr.B and me, and the 2 smallest. Or me and all the girls and no Mr.B. I booked the Travelodge room in Merthyr Tydfil back in November when they had their £9 a night sale on. Then Mr.B couldn’t get time off, and the eldest daughter got a job working Sundays and Mondays! So with much dread I approached the few days away on my own with the girls (who are at a particularly bothersome squabbling stage).

Plans were made for the journey, one in the front with me and one in the back. The one in the back had the iPod to listen to (with audio books downloaded from iTunes chosen by said child); child in front got to keep me company! Halfway through journey seats are swapped.

The journey was amazing, the girls were well behaved and the traffic wasn’t too bad. Can’t say I enjoyed driving over the Severn Bridge, a combination of a fear of heights and a fear of dying! And then to pay £5.40 for the privilege!

Our Travelodge is a new one, and the room is very nice and spacious. Love the funky uplighter behind the headboard!

Flat screen TV on the wall; bathroom in red and white; even trendy bucket seats (but no bedside tables or drawers for clothes?!).

Anyway back to Monday, Mr.B confirms that the MOT has indeed expired – so I have my usual chicken-without-a-head-panic until I manage to make an appointment at a local garage (recommended by lovely receptionist here), but of course without a current MOT I can’t drive the car. Luckily the motel is situated in a new leisure park – complete with a lovely leisure centre with swimming pool. So that’s where we spent the morning in the pool (bargain at £2.90 for me and kids go free!) with a Jacuzzi, flumes, slides and toadstool waterfall. The girls had a blast and we were exhausted and very pruney when we came out.

Back to room, to watch a DVD and have lunch. Then out for an hour’s walk to burn off a bit more energy we crossed a lovely river on a foot bridge.

Then off to the MOT station, I felt so nervous (no reason for car to fail but I do like a good panic!) full of what if’s. I mean how would I get home from Wales if the car was a write off MOT wise? (Car is only 4 years old and very low mileage!)

But of course it passed now problem. We took the long route back to motel and found a mountain steam railway, which we are going to go back to tomorrow.

Good old MacDonald’s for tea, and now I have 2 very tired little girls in bed dosing off.

Looking forward to another swim tomorrow, and an exciting train ride.

managed to update today to add photos, more later

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