Saturday, 26 September 2009

As promised

I have started working my way through the blogs I subscribe to and have fallen woefully behind with in the last few months.
the first one on my list is Being a Mummy. Claire is Mum to toddler boy and baby fifi, she lives in the same city as me and we originally met through the local toy library. She writes about her life surviving as a mummy to 2 young children and her trials and tribulations as she manages to get (just about) through each day!

I love reading Claire's blog, she makes some very interesting observations!

keep up the good work Claire (please?)


zooarchaeologist said...

Thank you! Im very flattered xx

Kim said...

Just to let you know Claire recently wrote a guest post for us over on EnjoytheRide, in case you're interested.
Your blog is a great read BTW.
Here's the post: