Monday, 21 September 2009

A funny vitamins story!

My 4 year old is a funny soul, and she often wanders about in the night - I am not entirely convinced she is always fully awake!
last night Mr.B put her to bed whilst I was in the shower, but an hour or so later the little dot wandered down stairs, muttering something about dolly not sticking!
The first thing I noticed was a multi vitamin tablet stuck to the elbow of her pj's! after a bit more of her vocal ramblings ~ I finally work out what the problem is. She has a 'dolly' a little handmade doll that she loves a lot and 'needs' it to sleep, she often loses dolly during the night so her plan was to put a half chewed multi vitimin (which is very sticky) into her hand and stick dolly to it!
Of course as soon she is asleep and wriggling around the sticky tablet becomes unstuck and dolly falls off!

the things the kids do!

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