Sunday, 20 September 2009

I did NOT kill the pigeon!

If you happened to be at Notcutts yesterday afternoon, and you happened to be in their coffee shop at around 4pm, you may have witnessed a terrified pigeon fly over the hedge from the main road and fly slap bang into the window (with enough force to leave an imprint behind!), then fall to the ground.
I was the intrepid soul who scooped up the visibly injured and stressed bird in a cloth and held it firmly and gently in my hands until the lovely lady from the pet department arrived to help.
~Unfortunately whilst I was holding the poor thing, it started twitching and it was obvious it was about to meet its maker (it wasn't struggling just twitching its head) and as we had 3 children with us, I turned my back and walked to the corner of the garden - when the bird had died I turned back and gave it to the pet lady.
It was only after this happened that I realised that turning my back may have looked like I was surreptitiously putting it out of its misery THIS IS NOT THE CASE! the pigeon died quietly and peacefully in my hands.

Big thumbs up to the lovely pet lady who was concerned for the bird and took it away, and to the young lad in the coffee shop who offered me some anti bacterial hand cleanser - well done, quick thinking!

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