Sunday, 31 August 2008

All change!

You have just go to love the English education system, with 2 weeks to go until the start of my course, and 4 months since my interview I went to my enrollment. What a shocking experience, I was sat down (squeezed inbetween other students, whilst the tutors had more elbow room than you can shake a stick at on the outside of the 'u' shaped desk set up!) at the tutor immediately said 'I dont know why you have been offered the evening 1 year you arent working at the correct level, o you want to be a midwife you do know lots of people want to do that lets hope there are enough spaces at uni for you all, pah I see you dont have a GCSE math you
know you need that as well, thats another evening out at college thats 3 evenings thats a lot of hard work you know, not a lot of people can cope with that.........................' at the point where she started spurting on about how hard it was at uni to do the studying for midwifery (no really?) and that it doesnt fit in with having small kids (you dont say?) and I was on the point of either a. picking up my bits and walking out or b. punching her on the nose, another tutor stepped in and took over!
the long and the short of it is the entry for the evening is level 2 maths and level 3 communications (literacy) I am working level 1 maths, but exhibiting level 2 and level 2 literacy with some level 3 tendencies! so there wasnt really a problem, that coupled with my proven track record of independant study with the OU. yes I need to do a maths GCSE, however I
have done a level 1 course with the OU 'open mathematics' so we need to see if the uni will accept that, if not I have to delay my plans by a year and do the access this year and the Maths next year (3 evenings a week at college could push it too far with the family!)

So I was trotted off to the tills - queued for half an hour to even get into the room then another 20 minutes when I was told that as I was applying for financial assistance I was in the wrong place! finally got that sorted and only have to pay £65 (in installments) for the £1000 course!

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