Wednesday, 20 August 2008


WOW the woman can speak french!
what did today bring? chaos!
I came back from a morning out to a soaking wet cat sat on the fence. It was pouring with rain, but is unlike Bobby to sit out in it.
a quick trip into the garden showed why he was out there

the builders had blocked the cat flap with a plant pot shoved through it so that the cat didnt walk on the freshly layed (or is that laid?) levelling compound.
we put some food and drink in the garage for him and left the door open so he could go in, but he was not a happy cat.
of course that also meant we couldnt go into the kitchen (especially as the fridge is blocking the doorway)
but worse than that I have no appliances, well Ido but they are all lined up in my living room.

of course the kids loved it - no cooker means no cooking so they had the most horrific McDonalds meal!

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