Sunday, 31 August 2008

No wait there is more

The following day eldest received a phonecall from her school and they said 'there is a problem with your 6th form application, you cant do chemistry and biology, you can only do physics, food tech and psychology'.

So you can imagine the poor girls reaction, right in the middle of the zoo
as well

I have phoned the school to find out what the hell is going on, but of course that day the phones were permanently engaged and the next day (saturday) there wasnt a soul in sight, she was
offered the places a week ago and now they have changed their mind? I know she had a high c instead of the B she needed, but that was purely because of physics! she needs all 3 sciences to go to vets school.

good for her though, after her initial breakdown she pulled herself together and when she got home she worked out a way of doing it all (including going to college in the evenings to do the missing A's and probably taking an extra year) she was worried she would be 'behind' all her friends, but as I pointed out age is only important at school because you are with your peers,
but at college/uni it isnt at all important.

I am just so cross that the school phoned her, that there was no consultation about it and that for the next hour i tried to phone back and it was permanently engaged, and then of course they went home!

so until monday I am really in the dark.

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Mrs Fink said...

Hows tricks? did you get the school stuff sorted out?
I'm terrified by it all. We live near the 3 worst schools in our District, joy. I'm thinking of becoming a Jewish Buddist or something to get a place in the local faith school!
Mrs Fink