Sunday, 24 August 2008

I only have one thing to say today

Hello Kate, Steve and Kids!
thank you for a lovely day!
see you soon...........................

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Mrs Fink said...

Hello there, glad to see your back posting again.
hang in there with the kitchen and keep taking the photos - you will appreciate them in 6 months. The worst part was when hubby and father in law were doing the ceiling, Little Fink and I were sent to Cumbria to a family wedding, when I phoned to check in with him, he said, the ceiling has come down, can you stay another week? Argh. When my kitchen was finished I just sat in it for 3 evenings, just drinking tea and looking round it! I'd rearrange the cupboard contents every other day and Mr Fink would not be able to find anything!!!
love Mrs Fink