Wednesday, 20 August 2008

And up to date with day 6 news

posted on day 6!

I have a kitchen! well almost. As we were leaving to go to the zoo today the kitchen was being delivered and mostly it is fitted. But my appliances still aren't in so tonight was a yummy (yeah right) freezer meal for us, and a exciting bowl of plain noodles (micro cooked) for the littlies *sigh*

there are a couple of things I am not happy with. On the larder cupboard the handle has been

The work surface here ends too soon, as thats the freezer space, but I will query that tomorrow with the foreman. And the small cupboard above it has a different handle to the rest!

but otherwise it seems to be taking shape, if they put the floor in tomorrow I may have my appliances back
*keeping everything crossed*

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