Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Bloody Brilliant!

Seriously, it's been bloody brilliant the last few days!

I have had the most excellent community midwife mentors who want to teach me so much. I have taken blood, done blood pressures, palpated women ante and post natal, measured bumps, helped with breast feeding, checked babies, weighed babies and so much more.

It's a rush! the lovely Midwife I was with today, took a back seat and let me take the clinic on my own! she told me she thinks I am great and will make a brilliant midwife - she wishes I were 'her' student (my mentor is on annual leave for a fortnight, so this one is looking after me!)

Now I have finished blowing my own trumpet I will also tell you of the young woman, only in this country 1 month - pregnant, ill and scared. Of the woman whose only hope to have a baby was through IVF, and although pregnant is now so anxious about it she can't allow herself to relax and enjoy it.

This job is going to really have its highs and lows!

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