Thursday, 12 November 2009

wow is it that time already?

Getting close to Christmas *shudder* and so the Christmas cake is made, wrapped up and ready for its weekly 'feed' of brandy!

Now when I say *shudder* to Christmas, don't misunderstand me, I love Christmas. The magic and excitement, the happiness and the fun. But I can not stand the way the pressure is put on, the commercialism and the greed. I used to buy into it - my children had more toys than they could possibly need, we had so much food we would eat ourselves silly and then throw lots away, and we would take the next year to pay off the credit card.

Now we have a far more subdued affair, in fact Christmas dinner last year, at the children's request was Macaroni cheese! and it will be the same this year, although we will have turkey and the trimmings on boxing day when my parents visit.

And I am at peace with this lovely quiet way of doing it - so why is it I feel guilty when I don't buy every Tom, Dick, Harry and theirs great Aunts a present!?!?

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Mrs Fink said...

I have finally coerced hubby into joining me in writing to all the family saying we will be giving gifts to the children but not the adults. the family grows expinentionally but our budget does not. I'm all for the spirit of giving but when the sloe crop fails, what else can you do?