Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Thought of the day

Is there a thought today? lots of them really, but do I want to share them? More to the point do you really want to know want I think about when I am alone?!

Making an entry every day isn't that easy, well it would be if I wasn't worried about boring you or waffling on!

today I made arrangements, wrote cheques, did some Uni work, changed beds etc etc.

nothing of any great magnitude.

on a plus note I had consultation with the smallest child's teacher today. Smallest is only 4 so I do expect any amazing academic achievements, however I was very pleased to hear how well she was doing and there have been big improvements on her behaviour (thankfully! as she had a difficult start to reception)

sorry about the mundaneness of this entry ~ I will try to do something exciting tomorrow!

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