Friday, 6 November 2009

Really worried

that I will be punished for breaking a promise!
I didn't make a blog entry yesterday, even though I had a newsworthy day!

it was a long day though, and that is my excuse.

My day at Uni was spent in the 'skills lab', a building in Hatfield where health care students can practice their practical skills. Yesterday I palpated a pregnant mannequin, and listwen to the fetal heartbeat through a Pinard stethescope. We also learnt how and why to do urinalysis on artificial urine! and then we had a manual handling workshop - where we were able to take apart and try out a birthing bed, and push each other up and down the corridor on a hospital bed!

However throughout the day I was feeling worse and worse and by the time the children went to bed I was feeling awful - burning eyes, constant sneezing and a banging headache, the lack of blog entry can be mainly blamed on that!

Today I am having a duvet day with middle child as she is also suffering with this yucky bug. Lets hope we both feel better tomorrow (mainly for me as I am supposed to be going on a shopping trip with my lovely sister in law)

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