Monday, 30 November 2009

MMMM that went well then!

Last day of November and how did my blog-a-day go?
between you and me, I think really well! O.K so I didn't make an entry EVERY day - but I averaged 1 every other day, pretty good going for a woman with 3 kids, one Mr.B, study and now full time work.

I feel I need to put in an explanation of what PLACEMENT means, I have been making the sorts of assumptions that the Uni tells us we mustn't do! (assuming that everyone knows the terminology we use). 40% of my university course is studying to be a midwife, this is known as block, when we are in uni doing the theory. The other 60% is doing the practical side of the training, this is known as placement. At the moment I am on community, I am working with a team of midwifes who work out of local surgeries, visiting mums at home who have had their baby's and in the clinics to check the pregnant women and occasionally post natal mums and baby's.
In February I start a 8 week placement, the first 4 in one of the hospitals I am attached to, on their ante natal ward. caring for pregnant mums who have had to be admitted to hospital for care during pregnancy. Then I will be at the other hospital I am attached to working in their delivery suite - where the babies are born!

Makes it all sound so simple doesn't it? Of course whilst I am on placement I still have the learning stuff to do, lots of reading on what I am learning during the day, my lovely mentors make sure of that!

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